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Facebook Advertising

Reach and sell your products to billions of Facebook users

Leveraging the power of Facebook is one of the most powerful business tools you’ve got up your sleeve thanks to Avenue’s powerful marketing add-on. Having a presence on Facebook is one thing but taking that presence to the next level to maximise your business’ profits can be transformational.

Once set-up properly, our powerful Facebook add-on sends all ecommerce data to Facebook Ads, allowing your business to leverage off dynamic ads and ad retargeting. The result? We help your business to take full advantage of powerful remarketing features for Facebook ads based on user behaviour and targeted dynamic product adverts.

Why should your business be looking at Facebook marketing and allocating budget accordingly? In addition to reaching billions of users worldwide, Facebook advertising presents businesses with a unique advantage over almost all other internet advertising channels as it allows you to target your audience by:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interests

Pay-per-click advertising networks cannot currently drill down and target their adverts in a similar way. For any ecommerce business, being able to target via age, gender and interests is incredibly powerful in terms of direct targeting.

Helping you to utilise the power of Facebook

Woven’s team of online advertising experts will work alongside your business to gain an understanding of your demographic so we can target Facebook ads towards customers matching key criteria such as:

  • Users who have viewed a specific group of products
  • People who visited certain pages on your website
  • Facebook users who purchased items at exact times, spent a specific amount of money or purchased a certain number of items

Our team can also create dynamic advertisements to drive specific products or a group of products to your targeted customers. For example:

  • Customers who viewed a product but never made a purchase
  • People who recently purchased an item with the intent to up-sell and encourage them towards another purchase

All advertisements are automatically optimised to achieve your business’ desired conversion rates.

Bottom line: if you have an ecommerce website and aren’t utilising the power of Facebook advertising to maximise business profits, it’s time to jump on-board so that you’re not left behind. If you are using Facebook advertising but are not satisfied with your current ROI, we can help you with this too. Our team works with you however you need us to - we can set-up and manage your adverts, help you to set budgets, targets and work towards desired conversion rates and so on.

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