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Take advantage of the buy-now, pay-later service to increase sales

Afterpay is a digital service that makes it possible for customers to buy any product or service now and pay it off in four instalments every 14 days. This is a real game changer for shoppers who now don’t need instant access to cash in order to make a purchase from your business. While your customers benefit from convenient instalment plans, there is zero risk to you as a merchant as Afterpay assumes all end-customer non-payment risks for every transaction processed via your web-site.

Avenue’s ecommerce platform comes complete with ready to go, built-in integration with Afterpay. The integration is taken care of for you so that all you have to worry about is maximising your sales and as for your customers, Afterpay makes the online shopping experience a breeze. Shoppers simply select Afterpay at the checkout, create an account using their existing debit or credit card and wait a few seconds for instant approval. The whole process from start to finish takes minutes.

Many Woven clients are already using Afterpay and are benefitting from upfront payments, recording improved average order values, total store sales and increased conversion rates.

Afterpay is an easy addition to any e-commerce website and our experts can ensure it’s up and running on your site in no time!

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