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Recurring Payments

Benefit from offering recurring payments options

Depending on your business’ needs, setting up recurring payments may be incredibly beneficial for both you and your customers. If you’re accepting regular payments from shoppers for goods or services, you definitely have scope to work with recurring payments.

Simply put, recurring payments are automatic payments where your customers authorise your business to collect a certain amount of money from their credit card or bank account every so often (every month for example). That amount is deducted on the due date so your customers are aware of what to expect and your business benefits from steady cash flow, while never having to worry about late fees.

At Woven, we know how important recurring payments are in terms of your cash flow and steadily increasing your bottom line

With Avenue, setting up recurring payments has never been easier

Avenue supports recurring payments using various gateways (PayPal, SecurePay etc) which we can tailor to suit your business process and desired customer experience.

Some examples of businesses that can benefit from recurring payments:

  • Subscription based services like gym memberships
  • Not-for-profits to collect donations on a regular basis
  • Any business where repeat purchases are required (if you sell dog food, for example - your customers are likely to know they’re going to need to top-up their supplies every x amount of days)

Of course, your customers are still able to adjust their payments as required (change the frequency, delay it and so on). In terms of their experience with your brand, you’re making their life far easier by eliminating the need to constantly place orders and be on top of their supplies. As for businesses, you’re increasing your chances of securing repeat business, which is always gold!

Not sure if recurring payments are suitable for your business? Reach out and our team of experts are more than happy to provide guidance.

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