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Digital Catalogue

Get your customers searching and browsing your products

Our Digital Catalogue puts you one step ahead of your competitors as it allows you to build template catalogues that can be edited and modified on the go. We’ll work alongside your team to show them how easily they can generate PDFs that link out to a product’s location online. Your Digital Catalogue also integrates into your Pronto Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) inventory and pricing, saving you time and the costs associated with having to print catalogues.

Build more catalogues and release them quicker than any other retailer thanks to a predefined catalogue layout. The catalogues you create will integrate seamlessly with your Avenue ecommerce solution so that customers can flip through your online catalogue and then continue browsing and purchasing from your site. Customers are able to find what they’re looking for easily as each catalogue can be searched through to find specific products.

Encourage sales with tailored content

Create promotional pages or feature articles about your products within your catalogue and then link any related products to the relevant promotional page. Your sales team can tailor these catalogues to specific customers rather than relying on your marketing team to create every company catalogue.

Key benefits of Avenue’s Digital Catalogue include:

  • The catalogue makes it easy for your customers to browse and then click through to make a purchase
  • Expand the reach of any print catalogue campaign by running a complementary digital catalogue
  • Generate offline PDFs of your catalogues and build an online catalogue with ease

Our team is on-hand to help you set-up your Digital Catalogue - reach out and we’ll get your started.

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