We’re proud to announce that we’ve taken home the gong for the 2018 Australian Business Award for Digital Innovation for Pronto Woven’s digital catalogue.

We don’t like to brag (who are we kidding? We love to brag!) but we’ve been keeping a secret for a few weeks now. We’ve been looking forward to the big reveal and we can officially announce that Pronto Woven has won the 2018 Australian Business Award for Digital Innovation thanks to our digital catalogue. The award recognises digital products and services that provide innovative solutions for both new and existing market needs.


If you’re a regular visitor to this blog (of course you are!), you would’ve heard us rambling on about how great our digital catalogue is. Allow us to remind you just how flexible and handy this product is: released in 2017, the digital catalogue was built following feedback from our customers who identified a gap in the market. The tool allows our clients to create their very own digital catalogue that enables customers to shop, search and browse through products on any device and at their own pace. Customer specific pricing can also be added, with future pricing from information stored with the ERP database.

“We’ve received so much positive feedback from Pronto Woven customers about the digital catalogue and in particular, cost comparisons that really reiterate what a difference this tool makes to those all important profit margins. Remarkable stories such as the digital catalogue meaning companies no longer have to wait the 8 to 10 months that a print catalogue can take to produce from scratch to print and final distribution. A digital catalogue can be produced and distributed within minutes,” said Chris Stolke, Manager and Head Digital Strategist at Pronto Woven.

“Receiving the 2018 Australian Business Award for Digital Innovation further reiterates how game changing this cutting-edge tool is. We’re incredibly thankful to the customers who worked with our team to hone the digital catalogue in order to produce the best possible result. This recognition is a real honour for the entire team at Pronto Woven.”

Haven’t heard much about Woven’s digital catalogue before? Keep reading.

Key benefits of Woven’s digital catalogue:

  • Customers can easily flip, click through and make a purchase straight from the catalogue.
  • It’s easy for businesses to expand the reach of their print catalogue by running a digital catalogue This gives them yet another easy way to reach customers.
  • The catalogue promotes engagement and we all know that engaged buyers are far more likely to make a purchase!
  • The digital catalogue builder can be used to generate an offline PDF of the catalogue so that it can be used alongside the online catalogue. This not only helps the environment (less printed catalogues needed), it helps businesses to reach customers.
  • Anyone in the company can create their own catalogue using their unique insights and knowledge of working with a business’ target market. It’s easy for sales teams to tailor these catalogues to specific customers as opposed to having to rely on marketing teams to churn out customised catalogues.

Bottom line: regardless of whether you’re a product manager or part of marketing or sales, Woven’s digital catalogue is a priceless tool for maximising business profit.

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