Yes, we’ve promoted and talked A LOT about our Digital Catalogue in recent times but that’s because it’s a great product with incredibly useful functionality. Now, we have even more proof!

Woven is incredibly proud to be named a finalist and ranked in the Top 50 of Smart 100’s most innovative products Down Under. Of course, this is in addition to Woven being named late last year among the 100 Cool Companies in Australia.

So what’s this award for? Our Digital Catalogue has been named one of Australia’s most innovative products/services in one of the largest and most audacious innovation awards of its kind in Australia – Anthill Magazine’s SMART 100 Index. The finalists include amazing innovations from all types of industries who aim to ‘change the world, one idea at a time’.


If you’re yet to get in on the goodness of Digital Catalogues, what are you waiting for? If you’re after more information, take a look at this blog. Many of our clients are already making good use of their catalogues, which is fantastic!

If you’re looking to gain even more bang for your buck, here are some helpful tips as to how you can produce highly engaging catalogues:

#1. Use compelling and detailed product descriptions.

#2. Showcase beautiful imagery.

#3. Be consistent with your brand’s design but be sure to split or break-up content. Mix up full page spreads with photos and change-up the layout of your pages.

#4. Stick with one or two different font types.

#5. Provide valuable content. Why not include a blog or feature a product, with detail that illustrates it in action? Show people real-life examples to spark their interest.

#6. Keep your catalogues focused. Generally speaking, a catalogue is made up of eight or more pages in increments of four. Be mindful of this when deciding how many products are going to be included in your catalogue and when planning its total number of pages. Consider how the reader will perceive the amount of products per page and as a whole and keep in mind, bigger is not necessarily better. Too many product lines may overwhelm your audience.

#7. Cross promote within your catalogues. Include: your business’ contact details, website links, social media links, any current promotions/loyalty programs and highlight your brand’s highest selling products. Demand is a great way to drive more demand!

#8. Market your catalogue to the world! A well designed catalogue that looks the goods is just the beginning. Ensure your customers and potential customers get a copy.

Super simple but effective ideas for distribution include:

  • Email mail outs to your subscriber list
  • Sending a PDF of your catalogue via email as part of a marketing campaign
  • Displaying catalogues in-store (if you have a physical store)
  • Including a catalogue with each sale
  • Featuring your catalogue for download/viewing on your site
  • Including special offers and coupons within your catalogues
  • Promoting your catalogue via social media
  • Integrating a competition or incentive of some kind


Want more information about how our Digital Catalogue can boost your business? Contact us today.