We’re really proud of the work we do with tomorrow’s leaders here at Woven and we’re super pumped to extend our partnership with Deakin University further in 2019.


Back in 2017, Woven enjoyed teaming up with Deakin University for their Think Tank Challenge, which was all about challenging and encouraging students to create innovative solutions to real-life business problems. Check out our recap of that night here.

To kickstart 2019 in style, we’re proud to announce that our partnership with Deakin has continued to evolve and grow over the years. Woven has formally committed to helping the next generation to get a head start through the internship program with Deakin.

The program is invaluable because it allows Deakin students to gain first-hand, real-world industry experience in the workplace (one of the best workplaces, if we do say so ourselves!). We provide students with a supportive environment and opportunity where they can test their skills and apply the knowledge gained within their course, in a real business setting.

We’ve done a lot of work in-house and collaborated with Deakin to ensure our interns gain value from their time spent at Woven HQ. We aim to match the work and tasks handed to them with each individual student’s interests so they gain the best and most rewarding experience from working with our team of experts.

The program includes our typical full employee onboarding, authentic learning experiences with opportunities to work on real current tasks/projects that create real impact, collaboration with Pronto’s national branches and the chance to attend and be involved in Woven’s social events and gatherings. Students gain the professional and analytical skills needed to thrive in the technology industry, while working with some of the sharpest minds in innovation and the industry as a whole. We also have a program for University graduates. Check out more details about the program  

It’s been incredibly fun and a real privilege to work with Deakin’s interns so far. Our team definitely benefits from the fresh perspective these go-getters bring to the table and we’re very receptive to their new ideas. It’s super handy in helping Woven to continue to grow and make progress.

As for our interns, we’ll let them tell you what they think:

“I found undertaking my internship at Pronto Woven to be very beneficial and a valuable learning experience. From day one, the staff were all friendly and accommodating, supporting me throughout my placement. Pronto offered flexible working hours to suit my study needs. I found the work to be challenging, but rewarding and I would recommend this internship experience to other students” - Damon (recent intern)


If you would like to be a long-term partner with us as well contact us here