When your business isn’t operating as efficiently as it should be, your bottom line is negatively impacted. This is why front-end (ecommerce platforms, POS systems and CRMs) and back-end (Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP) systems within any business should be fully integrated with one another.

ProntoConnect SF is Woven’s state of the art integration package that allows you to easily integrate Pronto Xi (our ERP system) with one of the most popular and widely used platforms, Salesforce. This turn-key integration package is provided as a monthly subscription, facilitating basic touch points between the Pronto Xi and Salesforce applications using a unique combination of APIs within both systems.

How ProntoConnect SF increases your business’ efficiency levels

  • It links your Salesforce application to a single Pronto-Xi company data set, providing quality integration and greater levels of operational efficiency.
  • ProntoConnect SF enables the integration and synchronisation of your accounts, products, pricing and sales order data between Salesforce and Pronto Xi, creating identical data across both platforms.
  • Customisation adds flexibility to your integration, enabling you to address any growing business needs while being capable of tailoring the connector with additional field mappings.
  • It eliminates the need for dual data entry and as a result, reduces data redundancies and errors caused by manual data entry, saving your business time and money. All while saving a team member the added frustration of having to perform a fairly repetitive task.

Out of the box connection to Salesforce

Connection points to basic fields of the Salesforce platform are provided by Woven’s connector, with standard features integrating the following entities from Pronto to Salesforce:

  • Customer master (debtor) data
  • Inventory master (stock) data
  • Pricing integrated from Pronto Xi to a single Salesforce price book
  • Sales order master (header and lines ) data

Easily send data from Salesforce to Pronto Xi

Working in reverse (from Salesforce to Pronto), standard ProntoConnect SF allows a sales order created in Salesforce to be loaded into ProntoXi. Key functions between Pronto Xi and Salesforce can be integrated, providing your staff with an end-to-end solution across multiple backend systems. Thanks to its consistency and streamlining, you’re able to provide all-round improved customer service.

Enterprise grade integrations

At Woven, we aim to build scalable platforms for enterprise grade integrations. In most cases, the standard connector is used as the foundation for more sophisticated requirements to cover the vast array of business functions available via both Pronto Xi and Salesforce.

Our team at Woven works closely with customers during implementation to ensure ProntoConnect SF is operating as it should be. We use ‘design thinking’ methodology (read more about this approach here), to work alongside you and ensure our solution works towards your short-term and long-term business goals. This approach ensures every Woven customer achieves what is needed when integrating Pronto and Salesforce.

To discuss the integration of ProntoConnect SF and Salesforce in more detail, contact us and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.