Running a successful business has its challenges and retaining current customers while generating new customers is vital in order to maximise profits. Handy tools such as MailChimp really can make all the difference - there’s a reason why it’s one of the most popular email marketing platforms. MailChimp is so popular with our clients that we built the Avenue MailChimp connector, which offers end-to-end integration (learn more about what this means here). The recent launch MailChimp Brain takes marketing automation to another level and sees the platform acting like a ‘second brain’ for your business.

MailChimp’s quirky new adverts (take a look) showcase how its solutions are capable of more than our own brains. The addition of MailChimp Brain means the email marketing platform now provides more services to help businesses to retarget existing customers and welcome new customers, ultimately, increasing conversion rates. It does so by integrating with your website and then retargeting customers or welcoming new customers - this creates both an instant and ongoing connection with your target market.

How to activate MailChimp Brain

If you aren’t currently using MailChimp as your email marketing platform, this presents you with a good opportunity to consider the pros and cons of switching over. If you already are using MailChimp, the first thing you’ll need to do is to link your website with your business’ Facebook account. Once you’re up and running, you’ll then be able to leverage MailChimp Brain to help build your brand by:

Retargeting to customers with ads

MailChimp helps you to find people who visited your site and from there, create remarketing ads that work to increase the chance of the customer visiting your site again.

Recovering more abandoned carts

Any business in the ecommerce space understands how vital it is to remind customers about what’s sitting in their shopping cart. MailChimp sends a reminder email to any customer who has left an item, or multiple items, in their cart.

Finding new customers via targeted ads

Using Facebook and Instagram, MailChimp can help you to find more customers via targeted and more effective marketing.

Allowing you to easily reward your most loyal customers

Thanks to the data it collects about customer behaviour, you can easily find your most loyal customers and send them incentives that encourage them to make additional purchases moving forward.

Following up on previous purchases

MailChimp will automatically send friendly email reminders to customers who’ve ordered something from your online store before, introducing them to other things they may be interested in.

Welcoming new subscribers

Welcome emails are sent to those who subscribe to your email newsletter for the first time. This makes purchasing something from your store instantly, incredibly easy.

Sending order notifications

Your customers are sent delivery updates automatically via MailChimp.

Thanking first-time customers

Anyone in business understands that it’s the small things that count. Thank you emails sent after first time purchases are incredibly important as they increase the chances of customers making purchases in the future.

Retargeting site visitors via email

MailChimp will automatically send reminder emails to customers who view items but don’t make a purchase. Again, this encourages customers to finish their order, boosting sales.

Unlike time poor business owners and staff members, MailChimp Brain doesn’t forget to do things. By embracing marketing automation, you’re ultimately maximising sales by building meaningful, long-term relationships with your customers and making their purchasing experience easier than ever.

If you need assistance with making MailChimp Brain work for your ecommerce site, contact us today.