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The key benefits of adopting a design thinking approach

- 16 Nov, 2018 / by Woven

Sure, you’re aware that design thinking exists but what are the real advantages and benefits at play for a business...

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Prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday and make it an early Christmas!

- 13 Nov, 2018 / by Woven

It’s almost that most wonderful time of the year and nope, we’re not talking about Christmas! Black Friday and Cyber...

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Tips to not just survive but to also thrive during Click Frenzy

- 1 Nov, 2018 / by Woven

Guess what’s back, back again? Click Frenzy’s back! And we’re excited to tell you why you should care and how...

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Checklist: tick off these items before your business’ big website launch!

- 17 Oct, 2018 / by Woven

Your store is looking great, all of your products have been loaded into the back-end and your social media accounts...

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KPI series: Part 4 - Customer engagement and retention KPI metrics

- 10 Oct, 2018 / by Woven

Retaining customers in-between purchases is all about warming them up for their next purchase and keeping your brand top of...

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Smart 100 honour: we have done it again with our Digital Catalogue

- 3 Oct, 2018 / by Woven

Yes, we’ve promoted and talked A LOT about our Digital Catalogue in recent times but that’s because it’s a great...

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How does someone’s personality impact their ecommerce behaviour?

- 26 Sep, 2018 / by Woven

Think the best approach to marketing is a product-centric focus? Behavioural commerce technology is making marketers think again! Keep reading....

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KPI series: Part 3 - key marketing KPIs to keep an eye on

- 29 Aug, 2018 / by Woven

We’re continuing our KPI series and this time around, we’re focusing on the key marketing KPIs your business needs to...

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Pronto Woven’s unique value on show at recent Online Retailer Expo

- 22 Aug, 2018 / by Woven

No one loves a good trade show like we do and at this year’s Online Retailer Expo in Sydney, we...

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Enhancing your customer engagement - part 4: successfully predicting buyer behaviour

- 15 Aug, 2018 / by Woven

How can you build your business’ CRM data and understand your customers better to provide more engaging experiences? Keep reading....

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BREAKING: Pronto Woven wins the 2018 Australian Business Award for Digital Innovation

- 8 Aug, 2018 / by Woven

We’re proud to announce that we’ve taken home the gong for the 2018 Australian Business Award for Digital Innovation for...

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Your complete guide to international shipping

- 11 Jul, 2018 / by Woven

Looking to expand your business internationally but not quite sure where to start with international freight and shipping? We’ve got...

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